Our Story

A Kiwi motorsport legend

George Begg is a homegrown Southland hero: and his story deserves to be celebrated. 

From his ‘Toyshop’ in rural Southland, George Begg built 18 racecars between 1965 and 1974. 

Begg got his start in motorsport by racing motorcycles, including in the Isle of Man. After a stint racing motorbikes overseas, he returned home to the farm in Drummond, rural Southland. There he opened a successful engineering business, and after reading a book about racecar construction he decided to give it a crack too. In the 1960s and 1970s, Begg built 18 race cars that took on some of the biggest names in the motorsport world: his achievements were so legendary, he was even compared to Enzo Ferrari - and Drummond was dubbed the Maranello of Southland.

George Begg isn't just a Kiwi motorsport legend: he's truly a homegrown hero.

George Begg showed the world just what Southlanders could achieve. He took on the world from Southland. Now, we’re bringing Southland to the world once more.

Our long-term vision is to create an event similar to the Burt Munro Challenge, Bluff Oyster Festival, or Art Deco Festival: a can’t-miss draw for visitors from both within the Southland region and afar. Think the Goodwood Revival in the United Kingdom: but with a Kiwi twist.