Off Track Event Food and beverage

  • 9:00 am On Saturday 1 April 2023
    Until 4:00 pm On Sunday 2 April 2023

From the ocean to the mountaintops, Southland is famed for its produce: and we are pleased to bring a range of local vendors to delight the tastebuds of festivalgoers.

At the George Begg Festival, you will find a wide variety of food and beverage options to delight.

From hearty, humble carnival fare like hot dogs to gourmet wood-fired pizzas, grunty burgers that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites and fine gourmet meats perfect for a southern barbecue, the George Begg Festival will have food covered.

As for beverages?

Don’t miss Begg’s Bar. Near the retail precinct, as well as the food vendors, our bar area is bound to be party central, and the perfect place to have a yarn with mates when you take a break from watching the retro racing. Complete with a nostalgic-styled Pimms cart, Begg’s Bar will transport you back to a golden age of good times immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Our food and beverage selection will showcase the best in southern cuisine: from the ocean to the mountaintops. Southland is world-famous for its fare, and our local suppliers are bound to tickle your tastebuds. Find out more about our on-site food and beverage selection here.

You'll find our food and beverage zone on the out-field, near the Driver's Lounge and our retail zone.

Some of our vendors may have cashless facilities, however not everybody will. To be safe, we recommend you come armed with a mixture of cash and card payments available.

Our food vendors will be up and running from 9am.

Begg's Bar will open at 10.30am.

We've worked hard to select a wide range of vendors to host on-site. From cheerful and humble hot dogs and chips, through to gourmet meats, you're bound to find what you're in the mood for.

Begg's Bar will be a hive of activity and entertainment. As well as the stage for all of our live musical performances, Begg's Bar will also host our Trends on the Track fashion competition. Pull up a seat and settle in!


Please be mindful that the George Begg Festival is a family-friendly event, and the crowd is expected to be diverse and across a wide age-range.

Because Begg's Bar is also home to our Trends on the Track competition, as well as our live performances, those under 18 years of age can enter this area.

However, we take our host responsibilities extremely seriously. Alcohol will not be served to minors. 

In case you're not familiar with this delightful beverage, allow us to introduce you to quintessential British summer drink: the Pimms Cup.

With a gin-based liquer and lashes of lemonade, it's a classic. Fizzing with citrus, garnished with a hearty dose of fresh fruit, and the flavor of sweet and bitter herbs, Pimms is summer in a glass. 

Our custom-built Pimms cart will immediately transport you to a time gone by: we've thought of every detail at the George Begg Festival, and our cute wee drinks cart is no exception.