Dig This Invercargill

Are you ready to leap outside your comfort zone, and get your blood pumping? Dig This Invercargill is New Zealand’s only heavy machinery playground and whether you’re five or 105, this is grunty fun for everyone.

About Dig This Invercargill

You can’t visit a major event in New Zealand like the George Begg Festival, and not round out your bucket-list trip. What better way to create unforgettable memories than by having a blat around the gravel pit at New Zealand’s only heavy machinery playground?

Dig This Invercargill gives everybody the chance to test their mettle: by learning how to operate their choice of diggers, bulldozers, or skid steers! Fully-instructed by a friendly team, with rides available for ages 5+ and an on-site sandpit for the little digger fans, Dig This Invercargill is the stuff bucket lists are made of.

Tick it off yours today!